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Summer Professional Development workshop in World Trade 7

The 9/11 Tribute Center offers workshops each year to encourage, inspire and guide the teaching of 9/11 and related topics.

Upcoming Workshop

July 8 and 9, 2015

More details to follow.

Most Recent Workshop

In July, 2014, thirty-five teachers gathered for a two day institute entitled “Why 9/11 Matters: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach for Engaging Today’s Student’s in Understanding September 11.”

Totally blown away! I never considered making 9/11 a curriculum unit school wide…to make this negative event into a positive…”

Each had their own reason for wanting to explore this topic and bring it to their students and each was apprehensive in approaching this complex topic. These teachers were equally divided between elementary, middle and high school age groups. The teachers actually came from near and far, including the southwest and California. The majority of the teachers were from the tri-state area and of course many local teachers attended as well. The workshop began with focusing on the power of the personal story.

Teachers explored the galleries of the 9/11 Tribute Center, collecting stories, meeting our guides and hearing their powerful 9/11 stories.

Hearing the personal stories and seeing how these people have moved on and have made it positive and an educational moment in history”

  • Rachel Rowley, an educator from Milford, Connecticut, shared how her school community came together to create a scaffolded curriculum that begins in 6th grade and continues through 12th grade.
  • Our workshop partner, Facing History and Ourselves, led a workshop on being an “Upstander.” Master teachers shared methods of how they have brought 9/11 into their classrooms in diverse ways.
  • Tom Murphy from Elisabeth Irwin High School shared his methods of teaching about the ongoing Global War on Terror.
  • Jennifer Suri, from Stuyvesant High school shared a lesson that she teaches on 9/11, using English Language Arts poetry, drama and creative writing as a tool for memorialization.

The 9/11 Tribute Center then screened several short videos that are central to the new set of online materials that will be available to all teachers this September. These new project, humbly entitled, “Teaching 9/11” illustrates how many teachers have connected 9/11 to a wide range of subject areas. Videos showing the teachers in their classroom are accompanied by pdfs of their lesson plans and common core alignments. These were shown to the teachers to get some instant feedback and direction as this project gets ready for completion.

I am much more confident and am brave enough to bring my new knowledge to my students…I am able to make a more concrete multi-academic set of plans”

Finally the teachers worked in small groups to develop their own project ideas that might utilize oral histories, personal stories and connect to a range of subject areas.

This workshop was funded in part by the Matthew C. Sellitto Foundation.

I feel confident about teaching…because of all the resources that were discussed”

About Our Professional Development Workshops

For nearly a decade, the 9/11 Tribute Center has been providing educational leadership in serving teachers. We offer innovative techniques for linking this contemporary history to a variety of curriculum areas and emphasize teaching with primary sources.

Our workshops respond to the directives of Common Core Standards, helping teachers to use primary source materials to teach about 9/11. We guide teachers to locate and use oral histories in their classroom, as well as learn to read photos and artifacts. We have addressed many challenging issues related to teaching 9/11 including debunking conspiracy theories, working with classes composed of multi-cultural students and understanding terrorism in the 21st century.

We partner with other national educational organizations to provide outstanding workshops for teachers. In partnering with Facing History and Ourselves, we involve teachers in wrestling with difficult moments in history. Teachers investigate how recent history is recorded, analyzed, memorialized and how it impacts our day-to-day lives. Other partnering organizations such as Brown University’s Choices Program have provided a range of workshops helping teachers to confidently bring this challenging subject into their classroom.

I wanted to teach this subject and now feel that I have a wealth of resources available to me. The 9/11 Tribute Center and the personal stories were so very powerful and impactful.” –Middle School Social Studies Teacher

Previous Workshops

Memory and Memorials

The Legacy of 9/11

January, 2014

  • Memory and history
  • The power of the personal story
  • How is this history relevant to our students’ lives today?
  • Bringing issues of memory and legacy into your classroom

Understanding our Post-9/11 World

The Impact of Terrorism and Recovery in NYC

July, 2013
This workshop was funded in part by the Matthew C. Sellitto Foundation

What makes September 11th relevant to a student today?

July, 2012
This workshop was funded in part by the Matthew C. Sellitto Foundation