Pre/Post Visit Materials

Teacher leads class in award-winning 9/11 related project

Prepare your students with a variety of conversation starters. Follow up your visit with a range of short or in-depth classroom research projects.

Before or After Your Visit

Conduct an Oral History

For many adults 9/11 is a current event, but for many students the attacks occurred in the far-distant-past. It is always surprising and eye-opening for students to interview their own families, teachers, or first responders in their neighborhoods, to discover how recent and powerful this pivotal moment in history is, to every community. Find suggested questions for conducting oral histories and methods for insure a valuable interview and information gathering.
Conducting Oral Histories Teacher Guide and Student Questions (PDF) >>

Building Projects with Oral Histories

  1. Students can create a hallway or library exhibit out of the question, “How does 9/11 connect to our community?” Use photographs of interviewees and excerpts of their interviews to create a display sharing the ways 9/11 connects to their school community.
  2. Students can take a journalistic approach to understanding 9/11. Have the students use their interviews as eyewitness reports to write a newspaper article focused on the events and aftermath of September 11, 2001
  3. Students can create a media presentation that integrates their oral history with historic content that provides context to the story that they have collected.

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