Student Programs

Students look at artifacts in the 9/11 Tribute Center galleries

Current events or history? Our young people are deeply curious and want to understand what happened.

Having a personal connection is vital to becoming fully immersed in the study of history. At 9/11 Tribute Center, survivors, responders, 9/11 family members, recovery workers, and local residents share their experiences and discuss recovery, resilience and the strength of our humanity when we help each other.

Most valuable to me was hearing the personal stories and seeing how these people have moved on and have made it positive and an educational moment in history.

Make September 11th important to your students – here are some options:

  • Bring your group for a gallery visit. Be guided through the events of September 11th by our knowledgeable education staff, then speak with one of our guides: 9/11 survivor, recovery worker or 9/11 family member who will share their inspirational story.
  • Participate in your choice of an exploratory discussion or digital activity while visiting the galleries, then speak with one of our guides who will share their story.
  • Provide your students with an audio tour composed of story excerpts for use in the galleries and on the 9/11 Memorial.
  • Visit our galleries as a self-guided experience.
  • Have a powerful dialogue without leaving your classroom. We can provide an interactive distance learning experience for your school.

Outreach to Schools

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Students sit with 9/11 Tribute Center guides
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Distance Learning

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