Distance Learning

Bring the 9/11 Tribute Center to your classroom through a virtual field trip!

What do your students know about 9/11? In our Distance Learning programs, students will be given the chance to foster a connection with members of the 9/11 community and explore the history of the event through live videoconferencing.

Our guide did an amazing job answering the same question in many different ways so that students could understand. Many have never seen a building taller than their school, so they were very impressed with viewing and discussion of the new World Trade Center site outside your window.” -Teacher, Rock Cave Elementary, WV

We can work with you to provide your students with a meaningful experience with one of our Guides customized for your curriculum. Programs are adapted for many subjects including social studies, English language arts, ethics, character development, community service, and health.

*The 9/11 Tribute Center uses FieldTripZoom, which is compatible with both computers and H.323 videoconference systems.


Being There: Understanding History through Personal Stories

70 minutes, 10AM – 5PM Monday-Friday / $100 per session
Contemporary history can be uniquely understood by the sharing of personal experiences and connecting them to an historic perspective. Through discussion with those who were there, students gain a unique appreciation of history, form a personal connection with the 9/11 community, and learn about resilience and recovery.

Our programs are aligned to several Common Core standards.

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