Outreach to Schools

Do your students know how their community was effected by 9/11? Our Guides will share their 9/11 experiences with your students at your school.

So many communities in the New York metro area were directly effected by 9/11. In our Outreach programs we send Tribute Guides to your school to talk to your students in your classroom or auditorium. They will share their compelling and inspiring personal stories that will connect your students to this contemporary history and also help them to connect each story to the larger historic context of September 11th and its impact on our world. Projected images accompany these stories and students are encouraged to prepare questions for the Guides to answer.

The Guides were unbelievable. So warm, so great with the kids; you could have heard a pin drop in there. We really appreciated all their efforts.” – Teacher, Great Neck North Middle School, NY

Each program is customized to accommodate your school. We will provide a brief presentation of images from the events during and immediately following 9/11, followed by each Guide’s personal story. Students are encouraged to look into their own community’s experience with 9/11 and to participate in a Q&A session with our guides about their experiences.

Our programs are aligned to several Common Core standards.

Classroom Programs

45 minutes, $100 per class (up to 30 students), plus travel expenses

Auditorium Programs

60 minutes, $400 for combined classes, plus travel expenses

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If your school isn’t in the New York City Metro area, find out more about our Distance Learning programs and bring the 9/11 Tribute Center to your classroom.