9/11 Tribute Center Galleries

Student reads panel next to steel column

Our galleries carry you through the events and aftermath of 9/11 through thoughtfully composed films, objects, images and stories.

Visit the 9/11 Tribute Center Galleries and experience 9/11 through personal stories told by those who were there. From tragedy to survival to rebuilding, your visit connects you to the unforgettable experiences of our community. Each gallery is described here.

9/11 Tribute Center guide speaks to visitors in the World Trade Center Community gallery

World Trade Center Community

Surrounded by the phenomenal view from the observation deck from the South Tower, discover the vitality of the iconic twin towers through a film composed of first-hand stories and personal photos lovingly shared by the people that worked there.

I always told my kids, ‘focus on the Twin Towers if you can’t find your way home, that way you can never be lost.’”
–Lower Manhattan resident

Visitors in galleries for The Attacks at the 9/11 Tribute Center

The Attacks

Multiple perspectives on the attacks, collapse, and the dust cloud are shared in stories and film as visitors interact with a “timeline” of artifacts, stories and images, from the February 26, 1993 bombing to the afternoon of September 11, 2001.

[After descending the stairs] the mezzanine level was the first time I saw the extent of what had happened. There were burning plane parts all over the Plaza.”
–The Port Authority of NY & NJ employee

9/11 Tribute Center guide speaks to a visitor in the Recovery galleries


Panoramic images, artifacts and a video portray the heart-wrenching rescue and recovery period and the importance of volunteers needed to accomplish this job.

It was basically a game of pick-up sticks but we weren’t just picking up steel, we might have uncovered a person at any time… It was a developed skill; no one had the background for this.”
–Operating engineer

Visitor looks at family photos in the gallery dedicated to those lost

Those Lost

A moving collection of portraits of victims of the attacks on 9/11 and 1993 as shared by their families. The meaningful work of many 9/11 family foundations are featured, emphasizing how this tragic event is also an opportunity to improve our world.

At 23 years old, Brooke Jackman was working at Cantor Fitzgerald. Her love of books was legendary, so we created a foundation in her honor so that parents can share her love of the magical world of books.”
-9/11 family member

Students on Audio Tour in 9/11 Tribute Center gallery for Healing


Projects for peace, compassion and resiliency in response to the attacks include the work of 9/11 family foundations, tributes across the world and Sadako Sasaki’s powerful origami peace crane.

Right after 9/11 we made ‘get well cards’ on tiles and hung them on the fence outside our studio. These tiles contained messages of tribute, healing, and hope.”
-Lorrie Veasey, “Tiles for America Project”

Visitor watches video in 9/11 Tribute Center galleries for the Future

The Future

The changing skyline of Lower Manhattan welcomes the future with animations and stories about World Trade Center rebuilding. Through our visitor cards, people from around the world share their thoughts about the impact of 9/11. They share their hopes for the future and their roles as global citizens.

This is truly the project of the century…. We are here every day for those 3,000 people that were lost…. We are going to deliver something very special in their honor….We have an awesome responsibility.”
– Steven Plate, Director, World Trade Center Construction, The Port Authority of NY & NJ