Previous Exhibits

The 9/11 Tribute Center has created more than ten changing or traveling exhibits designed to explore related topics with greater depth. Each exhibit is built from oral histories in our collection. The online stories shared here are excerpts from these exhibits.

Tiles of Tribute exhibit

September 11th Tiles of Tribute & Healing

Touching and hopeful hand-painted ceramic tiles from a spontaneous 9/11 memorial that grew on a fence in Greenwich Village were collected and preserved and are currently on view at the Jefferson Market Library.
Opened March 2013

it's not just a date #september11th previous exhibit

it’s not just a date #september11th

A multi-media exhibit that featured projects created in four classrooms where educators took unique approaches to exploring the history and impact of 9/11.
Opened November 2012

Memories & Meanings: Objects Speak opening of this previous exhibit

Memory and Meanings: Objects Speak

Symbolic objects connect us to moments in the past and link to the future. Hear stories about the meanings that these personal 9/11 objects contain and how their meanings may have changed over time to their collector.
Opened February 2011

Why Teach 9/11, What 9/11 Teaches previous exhibit

Why Teach 9/11, What 9/11 Teaches

Inspirational stories reveal ways in which individuals assumed a new sense of social responsibility in their own communities and incentive for bettering the lives of people around the world. This exhibit accompanied the release of a set of online educational materials, September 11th Personal Stories of Transformation. This online exhibit uses Adobe Flash.
Opened April 2010

Renewing Our American Dream After 9/11 previous exhibit

Renewing Our American Dream

Immigrant New Yorkers had their own challenges overcoming the impact of 9/11. This exhibit reveals stories that were not highlighted by the national news media.
Opened March 2009
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Visitors interact with USS NEW YORK in Tribute previous exhibit

USS NEW YORK – In Tribute

World Trade Center steel was built into the bow stem of the USS NEW YORK. Learn more about the symbolism of this memorable naval ship and the meaning it holds for its crew and the Navy.
Opened October 2009
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Getting Back to Business previous exhibit

Getting Back to Business

This exhibit highlights individual determination and corporate responsibility that helped downtown companies reopen after the attacks.
Opened September 2008
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Visitors look at Inside the Fence previous exhibit

Inside the Fence

Stories from New York City sanitation and transit workers and the labor unions that supported the 9 months of recovery work at the World Trade Center are shared in this exhibit.
Opened January 2008
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Coming Together previous exhibit

Coming Together

Children’s art reflected the fear, compassion and hope that paralleled adults’ responses to the attacks.
Opened July 2007