The new 9/11 Tribute Center Museum will include media-based and hands-on interactive experiences throughout the galleries.

Visitors will follow the stories of first responders, family members, survivors, recovery workers and volunteers, neighborhood residents, witnesses and others who were impacted by 9/11. As their journey progresses through the exhibits, the visitor will experience the profound generosity of spirit amongst people in response to 9/11. In the “Seeds of Service” gallery, visitors will be inspired to participate and commit to acts of service that fit their own lives.

160609_Timeline_backVGlobal Connection. Lower Manhattan has been a hub of international commerce since it was known as New Amsterdam. This exhibit demonstrates why it has always historically been a true Center of World Trade.


160609-UniformedServicesResponse, Recovery, Rebuilding. Filled with first-person stories and evocative artifacts, these three galleries take the visitor on a journey from the first moments after Flight 11 struck the North Tower through the present-day. Digital oral history interactives are available for visitors who want to dig deeper and gain a better understanding of the personal experiences of those who were closely impacted by the events of September 11th.


Oral History Stations (see the above video example created by our media partners Unified Field), located throughout the museum will allow visitors to choose specific stories with which to engage. Stories will be arranged by theme and a wider array will be available by searching the archives. All stories will be available on Vimeo, which visitors can share via email.


160610-SeedsofService_RenderSeeds of Service. Visitors will learn about service projects large and small that have been undertaken by non-profit organizations, corporate volunteer groups and visitors like them. If they should feel inspired, they will be encouraged to make a pledge to do a good turn or send themselves a link to a service opportunity in their home area. Learn more about “Seeds Of Service”.


160606-VisitorFlow-UpdateMuseum Pathway. Visitors will be guided from the darkness to the light. The stories of 9/11 will quickly evolve into stories of the myriad ways people helped each other and continue to do so. The kindnesses displayed on 9/11 have inspired thousands to be compassionate in response to the world’s disasters, large and small.


The remarkable revelation in the aftermath of 9/11 was the way it drew people together and brought out the best in them. The overwhelming response was to find ways to help. This extraordinary phenomenon inspired our entire approach to the design. “Seeds of Service” recognizes that the flowering of service to the community, the city and the world stems from the spreading of those original ‘seeds’ and continues to pay tribute to those whom we lost.
– Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership