History & Mission of the Tribute Center

The 9/11 Tribute Center is a project of the September 11th Families’ Association, dedicated to collecting and sharing the stories of those who were directly impacted by 9/11.


The Center provides a cultural and historical context for understanding the events of 9/11 through the personal experiences of the 9/11 community – family members, survivors, first responders, rescue and recovery workers, civilian volunteers and Lower Manhattan workers and residents. We offer an understanding of the losses of 9/11 and ongoing impact through demonstrating the resilience and recovery of New York City and all those affected on that day.

Opened in 2006, the Tribute Center’s mission was two-fold: first, to help those traumatized by 9/11 to heal by sharing their stories; and second, to help visitors to the site learn from and be inspired by these personal stories of transformation. The programmatic goal, “Stories of September 11th told by those who were there,” has been accomplished through first-person walking tours and gallery content, and to date we have served over 4 million visitors and trained more than 800 volunteers.

This memorial pays tribute to the thousands of brave men and women who rushed into danger to save their fellow New Yorkers during our darkest days. While we can never repay our first responders for their sacrifice, the 9/11 Tribute Center is one small way we can show the world the depth of their courage. This expansion and relocation will allow countless more residents, visitors and tourists to visit this intrepid museum and learn more about these extraordinary service men and women and the profound and enduring impact they have had on our city and state.
– Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of New York

The Tribute Center for ten years has shared with millions of people the truth and personal stories about September 11, fulfilling the critically important need that we never forget what happened that day. The Fire Department has been a close partner with the Tribute Center, and we are excited about this expansion, assuring that the truth about what happened, through new programs, exhibits and an expanded mission, will impact generations to come.
– Daniel A. Nigro, FDNY Fire Commissioner

Through the various 9/11 memorials, dedications and ceremonies over the past 15 years, we have vowed that we will Never Forget those who were lost as a result of the 2001 tragedy, as well as those who answered the call to duty in the aftermath. The 9/11 Tribute Center will continue to ensure that we will Always Remember them. By providing a testimonial venue with an educational, interactive and service-oriented environment, the legacy of 9/11 will go on with honor and purpose.
– William J. Bratton, NYPD Police Commissioner