Translated from Japanese

I was only a second-year high school student when the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened in 2001. Watching the events on TV live gave me goosebumps. I had only known the number of victims, but my visit here made me think of what each of the victims must have been thinking during the attacks; it made me think of the pain, the grief, the anger, and the despair the victims’ family must have gone through. These thoughts brought me to tears.

I learned from TV news that terrorist activities continue to happen (that the number of victims increase year by year). I also know that the rescuers are suffering from after effects.

I feel that the only thing I can do is not to forget my indignation against terrorism while at the same time earnestly wish for peace.

I really hope that events like 9/11 will never happen again.

Eriko H., Japan

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