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9/11 Tribute Center guide leads a tour on the 9/11 Memorial, gets a photo with visitors

Inspire people to make a difference. Volunteering as a 9/11 Tribute Center Guide is a meaningful way for you to honor the memories of all who perished and recognize those who came to the aid of others.

Join our community. Your personal story will help visitors better understand the human toll of 9/11 and the compassionate response to the attacks.

Tours are led by two guides who work together to recount the history of the events of 9/11, share their personal stories and describe the symbolism of the 9/11 Memorial.

Apply to Become a Guide

Apply to become a 9/11 Tribute Center Guide.

Questions? Contact us at or call 212-422-3520 ex 112.

Visitors on our tours reconfirm that 9/11 was indeed a global tragedy…. Most of our visitors really care about what happened and want to honor those who lost their lives.” – 9/11 Tribute Center Guide

Flexible Commitment

Interact with the public on 9/11 Tribute Center tours throughout the day, seven days a week. Guides sign up to lead tours based on their availability.

As a guide with the 9/11 Tribute Center, your journey begins with a weekend training workshop, followed by mentoring. When you are ready, our supportive staff and training materials assist you with becoming a guide and help you share your story.

9/11 Tribute Center guides enjoy picnic on a ferry on the Hudson River

A Compassionate Community

Get to know many other members of the September 11th community through 9/11 Tribute Center volunteer lectures, picnics, parties, and outings.

Hearing other docent stories makes me feel less isolated, broadens my perspective and helps me see the event from a historical perspective, rather than just an individual experience.” –9/11 Tribute Center Guide

become a guide with the9/11 Tribute Center and have the chance to work on shaping your story in a MOTH workshop
The 9/11 Tribute Center collaborates with the MOTHshop Education Program. Together, we work intensively with small groups of guides who choose to craft their 9/11 story over a series of sessions. The final session is a performance of their stories